Checkmating Satan


In an art gallery in London hangs a painting of a chess game entitled The Chess Players. On one side of the chessboard is the devil, full of laughter. His hand is posed, ready to make the next move. On the other side of the chessboard sits a shaking, frightened young man. Sweat drips down his forehead mixed with tears pouring from his eyes.

One day, a chess champion from another country visited the gallery. The painting naturally caught his attention causing him to examine it for a very long time. In fact, while others had moved on throughout the gallery, the chess champion remained fixated on the game and the devil who was about to make the next move to steal this man’s soul.

Hours passed as the chess champion continued to study the board from every possible angle. The sweat on the young man’s face begged him to continue. Finally, as the gallery was about to close for the night, people in every part of the enormous building heard a loud scream as the chess champion yelled, “Yes! I’ve got it! You don’t have to lose!

What this chess champion had done was discover another move that the man could take. He had found a way not only for the young man to escape checkmate, but to deliver checkmate on the devil only a few more moves into the game.

Maybe you feel like you are in the same position today. It looks like the devil has won the chess game for your life, family, job, health or in any other area. But what I want you to remember is that you have a Champion who will make the last move on the devil!

Through Jesus Christ, your victory over Satan has already been secured.

There is no countermove that he can make to limit what Jesus has already done for you! Your task is to manifest God’s victory over the devil in your life.

Jesus Christ knows the next move you need to make, and I want you to learn what that is, too. I encourage you to join me as I dig deep into Scripture and strategy in a study on spiritual warfare this month on the radio.

I want you to know that the devil does not have the last move. You are not fighting for victory—you are fighting from victory. The game has already been won!



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