Free at Last CD Series as thanks for your gift


Free at Last CD Series as thanks for you gift


Divine Encounters - Three Sermon Outlines
Divine Encounters - Three Sermon Outlines

Free sermon notes from Tony Evans on Divine Encounters

Thank you for your interest in these FREE sermon outlines from Tony Evans. Simply fill out this form to download your Divine Encounters Sermon Outlines

Packet includes three sermon outlines covering the following areas, and more:

  • Help you and your church, individually and collectively, will experience a life-transforming divine encounter as we meet God at our burning bush.
  • Understanding that God wants to encounter you, not merely by the information you may learn about Him, but by personal experience in your daily Christian life.
  • Experiencing an authentic encounter with God and His promises through the tests of life He puts you through.

Download the Divine Encounters Sermon Outlines from Tony Evans free today, and experience God in a way you never have before.

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