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National Day of Prayer with Tony Evans



National Observance Live Feed

The National Observance will begin at 9:00 a.m. ET and concludes at 12 noon ET on Thursday, May 5, 2016.





The National Day of Prayer is an annual observance held on the first Thursday of May, inviting people of all faiths to pray for our nation. It was created in 1952 by a joint resolution of the United States Congress and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman. Since its inception, this day has continually united Americans from all socio-economic, political, and ethnic backgrounds in prayer while also encouraging personal repentance and righteousness in the culture. The National Day of Prayer belongs to all Americans and is a day that transcends differences, bringing together citizens to celebrate our most beloved freedom; the freedom to humbly come before God and seek His guidance in prayer.


Prayer for our Nation offered by Tony Evans

Dear Heavenly Father, we come to You today as a humble people desperate for Your supernatural intervention on behalf of our beloved nation. First, we thank You for all the blessings You have bestowed on our land, blessings that have allowed us to bring so much good and benefit to not only our own citizens but also to the rest of the world.

The very ideals upon which this country was founded were based on biblical truths, no matter how some try to rewrite history to deny that very fact today.

This is why our hearts are so broken over how You continue to be marginalized and dismissed by both our people and our institutions. We are also saddened by the fact that Your people have contributed greatly to the spiritual apathy that now engulfs us. Our satisfaction in remaining religious without being fully committed to living out the truths of Your Word has caused us to become co-conspirators with the forces of evil that are destroying us as a society.

It is for this reason that we personally and collectively repent of our carnality and recommit ourselves to becoming visible and verbal disciples of Jesus Christ.

Enable us, by Your Spirit, to no longer be secret-agent Christians but rather to publicly declare and live out Your truth in a spirit of love so that You feel welcome in our country once again.

Thank You for Your promise to hear our prayers when we call to You with hearts of repentance and obedience, which is how we are appealing to You today, Father.

On behalf of Your church, we affirm afresh the priority You are to us that You would fill every dimension of our lives as we seek to bring You glory through the advancement of Your kingdom in our personal lives, our family lives, and in the lives of our churches and our government leaders.

We confidently invite heaven’s intervention into all the affairs of our nation and we praise You in advance for Your answer.

In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.


Download the Prayer read by Dr. Evans





Ways to get involved

  • Join us in Tony's 40 Days to Pray for the USA email devotional here.
  • Listen to 30 days of Tony's spoken prayers through the prayer app Abide
  • Join us in Prayer on May 5th through a simulcast feed hosted on this page
  • Pray daily for our citizens, families, churches, communities and our nation. Pray for the upcoming National Solemn Assembly on September 21st and that we will experience a spiritual awakening in our land. Learn more here.
  • Get involved in your community. For additional information on how you can host or attend a National Day of Prayer gathering near you, please visit NationalDayOfPrayer.org





National Day of Prayer
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