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I wasn’t raised with money.

I was raised in row houses in an urban community in Baltimore where my parents just barely made it. Many of you know that narrative. You’ve lived that narrative too. Sometimes my mom would have to find a way to cook the fish my dad caught for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. But despite this reality, I never went to bed worried. The load of life didn’t dawn on me very much at all. The reason I never struggled with life as a young child was because it wasn’t my problem. That was my parent’s problem. I let them worry about it.

How we would eat tomorrow was never my concern. When my dad would be laid off for weeks on end due to no work as a longshoreman, I didn’t stress. I relied on those who were responsible to care for us. I was able to rest because I trusted my parents and lived in conscious dependence upon them.

As an adult, I understand that the weight of life’s burdens can weigh you down. I’ve experienced it myself, especially as a young man with four small children, a wife and the challenge of balancing full-time academia with providing for my family. Yet despite all we carry on us as we become adults, Jesus says that if you and I will simply grow in the fundamental principles of discipleship both individually, and as it relates to our families, we can rest.

We can experience one of the greatest benefits of being His: Peace.

Friend, the answers to life’s burdens are not found in your knowledge, success or even in your own understanding. Only true kingdom disciples access the covering of the Father and the wisdom He imparts as you live individually as well as in your family. It is His covering and wisdom that will radically transform your life and give you all you need to live both abundantly and victoriously and with kingdom authority.

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"My Dad was diagnosed with cancer and died eight months later. His final two weeks were the most incredible time because of your radio program, The Alternative. Your message on Martha, Mary and Lazarus touched our hearts in ways that still rock us to the core. I needed this message to turn away from sadness and toward God. Being with Dad in those final days proved to be the ultimate expression of Christ’s love, and because of that, he gave his life to Christ before he passed. That was my miracle: he absolutely beat cancer and death because now he will live forever in heaven. Thank you just isn’t enough."