Eli Maelekhi - God, My King


The Queen of England is a prestigious figure. She looms larger than life. She even has her own palace. There’s only one problem. She has no power. She looks prestigious. She looks like one of the most powerful women in the world, but she can’t vote and she can’t veto.

Her position in her country is one of courtesy.

What England does to the Queen, we do to the King of the universe. We give Him verbal recognition. We encase Him in beautiful palaces called churches. We’ve got people coming to pay homage to Him, but when it comes to decision making, veto power and voting, we don’t need Him. We acknowledge His position without giving Him the credit for power that accompanies it.

May I ask you a question: What reigns as king in your life?

If you’re uncertain of your answer, reflect on how you spent the past day or two. Were you methodically checking off the boxes on your own to-do list, or did you leave room for God in the midst of your many commitments?

Now, I’m not saying you should ditch the agenda or erase everything from your calendar. Responsibilities are important, and we honor God when we work with diligence and dedication. But when we put our own plans above God’s kingdom agenda, that’s when the problem arises.

We are heirs to His kingdom and children of the King, and we must take our role seriously.

When we pray, “Your kingdom come” and “Your will be done,” we should meditate on what those words truly mean. Having a kingdom mindset means using God’s Word as our guide in every decision we make and in every interaction we have with others. We need to immerse ourselves in the Lord’s way of thinking so we know what He would have us do and say in every situation.

As we would honor a king, we should give God our praise, adoration and commitment. When we find ourselves slipping away from His guidance, we need to eliminate the distractions in our lives and listen for His voice. We need to truly make Him the God who reigns as King in our lives.



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