A Note from Tony


Dear Friend,

Many years ago, my life was cataclysmically turned upside down and inside out because of some debilitating and depressing news: basketball legend Michael Jordan was retiring. That's enough to ruin any day. He was the man who had taken pro-basketball to another level. The media would show clips of “Michael Magic,” how he would go up high with moments left and hit the shot to win the game. It was impossible for anyone to stop him when he decided that the ball belonged to him. The game was now his, and he would call the shots. Nothing, of course, compared to him coming down the court, feet lifting off the floor and moving in mid-air as he dunked the ball. The commentator would say, “Ladies and gentlemen, there’s living proof that men can fly.”

Regardless of which team anyone cheered for, everyone wanted to see Mike. Every week, year in and year out, tickets to the Chicago Bulls’ games were always sold out. Do you know why? Because Michael had glory. He had a unique ability to do things that even the best in the game found amazing. That's what glory looks like.

Glory is the result of demonstrating extraordinary quality.

It is a byproduct created from showing everyone else something truly remarkable. In the case of God, glory comes as a result of not just God showing what He can do but showing who He is. The attributes of God are glorious. Everything that makes Him who He is compels all of creation to not just see His glory but to give Him glory.

Through His creation, His works, His Word and His Spirit, God shows us that more than any other, He is worthy of our admiration. One of His names is El Hakabodh, God of glory, and we should be captivated by His presence above all others. When He’s trying to get our attention, we should never turn away. One of the many amazing aspects of Jesus’ life is the fact that the Son made it possible for us to see the Father. And when we truly see God for who He is, we should never feel the need to turn away.

To help us understand who He is, God has given us His many names in the pages of the Bible. I have taken the time to explain the meaning of those names in my new book, Experience the Power of God’s Names. You can have the book as well as my CD series, Our God Reigns, for your gift of any amount to this ministry.

It is true that we serve a big God, and it will take more than a lifetime to fully learn who He is. Fortunately, we can consider our time on earth as an introduction, as we will have all of eternity to become acquainted with the One who reigns over our lives.

For Him and His kingdom,
Tony Evans



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Stefeni G.

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