Free at Last CD Series as thanks for your gift


Free at Last CD Series as thanks for you gift


The Purpose of Detours - Four Sermon Outlines

Free sermon notes from Tony Evans on The Purpose of Detours

Each of us has a destiny given to us by God. God leads us toward that destiny, but He never takes us there in a straight line. Rather, He takes us on detours off the main path for the purpose of maturing us and preparing us for that destiny so that when we arrive, we will be equipped for the greatness that He has planned for us.

This 5-part sermon series includes: 

  • The Purpose of Detours: Why does God take us on detours?
  • The Proof of Detours: How do we know if we are on a detour from God?
  • The Promotion of Detours: How do we know when we are coming out of a detour?
  • Detours of Providence: How is God with us in the detour?
  • Detours of Perspective: How can I see my detour as God sees it?

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