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About The Urban Alternative

TUA’s activities include radio programs on over 1,400 radio outlets, television, internet, social media, conferences and resources. To achieve our goal of transforming lives, we use a variety of strategies, approaches and resources for reaching and equipping as many people as possible. The primary programs of TUA are summarized below.

Broadcast Media

Millions of individuals experience The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans through the daily radio broadcast playing on nearly 1,400 radio outlets and in over 130 countries. The broadcast can also be seen on several television networks, and is viewable online at tonyevans.org. You can also listen or view the daily broadcast by downloading the Tony Evans app for free in the App store. Over 18,000,000 message downloads/streams occur each year.

Leadership Training

The Tony Evans Training Center (TETC) facilitates educational programming that embodies the ministry philosophy of Dr. Tony Evans as expressed through the kingdom agenda. The training courses focus on leadership development and discipleship in the following five tracks:

  • Bible & Theology
  • Personal Growth
  • Family and Relationships
  • Church Health and Leadership Development
  • Society and Community Impact Strategies

The TETC programming includes coursework for non-student attendees.  Pastors, Christian leaders and Christian laity, both local and at a distance, can seek out The Kingdom Agenda Certificate for personal, spiritual and professional development. Some courses are valued for CEU credit as well as viable in transferring for college credit with our partner school(s). For more information, visit: tonyevanstraining.org

The Kingdom Agenda Pastors (KAP) provides a viable network for like-minded pastors who embrace the kingdom agenda philosophy. Pastors have the opportunity to go deeper with Dr. Tony Evans as they are given greater biblical knowledge, practical applications and resources to impact individuals, families, churches and communities. KAP welcomes senior and associate pastors of all churches. KAP also offers an annual Summit held each year in Dallas with intensive seminars, workshops and resources.

Pastors’ Wives Ministry, founded by Dr. Lois Evans, provides counsel, encouragement and spiritual resources for pastors’ wives as they serve with their husbands in the ministry. A primary focus of the ministry is the KAP Summit that offers senior pastors’ wives a safe place to reflect, renew and relax along with training in personal development, spiritual growth and care for their emotional and physical well-being.

Community & Cultural Influence

National Church Adopt-A-School Initiative (NCAASI) prepares churches across the country to impact communities by using public schools as the primary vehicle for effecting positive social change in urban youth and families. Leaders of churches, school districts, faith-based organizations and other nonprofit organizations are equipped with the knowledge and tools to forge partnerships and build strong social service delivery systems. This training is based on the comprehensive church-based community impact strategy conducted by Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. It addresses such areas as economic development, education, housing, health revitalization, family renewal and racial reconciliation. We assist churches in tailoring the model to meet specific needs of their communities while simultaneously addressing the spiritual and moral frame of reference. Training events are held annually in the Dallas area at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.

Athlete’s Impact (AI) exists as an outreach both into and through the sports arena. Coaches are the most influential factor in young people’s lives, even ahead of their parents. With the growing rise of fatherlessness in our culture, more young people are looking to their coaches for guidance, character development, practical needs and hope. After coaches on the influencer scale fall athletes. Athletes (whether professional or amateur) influence younger athletes and kids within their spheres of impact. Knowing this, we have made it our aim to equip and train coaches and athletes on how to live out and utilize their God-given roles for the benefit of the kingdom. We aim to do this through our iCoach App as well as resources such as The Playbook: A Life Strategy Guide for Athletes.

Tony Evans Films ushers in positive life change through compelling video-shorts, animation and feature-length films. We seek to build kingdom disciples through the power of story. We use a variety of platforms for viewer consumption and have over 35,000,000 digital views. We also merge video-shorts and film with relevant Bible study materials to bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to strengthen the body of Christ worldwide. Tony Evans Films released our first feature-length film, Kingdom Men Rising, in April, 2019 in over 800 theaters nationwide, in partnership with Lifeway Films.

Tony Evans Films released our second feature-length film, Journey with Jesus, in  November, 2021. It showed in over 850 theaters to an audience of over 125,000 viewers nationwide and was the #3 performing film nationwide behind Clifford and the Eternals. Journey with Jesus is Fathom Films #1 Faith Based Performing Documentary of 2020 & 2021!

Resource Development

We are fostering lifelong learning partnerships with the people we serve by providing a variety of published materials. Dr. Evans has published more than 125 unique titles based on over 40 years of preaching. He also holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American, released in 2019.

Social Media

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