Extreme YOU-Over

Remodeling is a way of transforming and updating a house or place of business in order to make it more appealing, efficient, or useful. Usually, it involves a redesign on the inside of a home but can also include the outside of the property.

Those who have been through the process of remodeling know how extensive and upsetting it can be. Try as they may, workers will still create dust and chaos. Yet, in order to enjoy something new, you have to go through the process of remodeling. The same is true when you view God’s plan for your life.

There are times in the life of every believer when he or she will go through a time of remodeling. It is a time when God strips away old thoughts and habits and replaces them with His truths and principles. Instead of calling it remodeling, we call the process brokenness.

Just like the beginning phases of a construction program, it may be hard to imagine a beautiful outcome, especially when things have just been torn a part and sheet rock is missing and tools are scattered from one end of your home to the other. However, this is exactly what God sees—a glorious outcome as the result of you going through a time of brokenness and remodeling.

No one has ever modeled this concept greater than our Lord Jesus Christ. Beaten, bruised and bloody on the cross, Jesus’ body eventually gave in to death itself. But on Sunday morning, His new body had been removed of its physical limitations. Jesus could walk through walls, disappear from a meal, and ascend into heaven. He had been raised – and raised new.

Friend, whatever you are facing at this season in your life, don’t give up on God. He can take even the most hopeless situation and pour life into it. Trust Him, He’s knows just what to do to make all things new.

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