Restful Beauty

Restful Beauty

Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

A geode is a rock with beautiful crystals inside. These are formed as water that is high in mineral content flows through rocks. When the minerals become trapped in the rock and the water continues to flow, the crystals are created. The more the water flows, the more beautiful the crystals become on the inside. The outside of the crystal; however, suffers underneath the wear and tear of the weather, and its beauty fades.

That’s the picture of someone in whom and through whom the Spirit of God is flowing. Our outer appearance may age with time, and wrinkles may begin to show, but we are to grow more exquisite inside with each passing year. This happens when we look to God for inner transformation. God works on our spirits, resulting in a glorious beauty.

One way God works within us is by teaching us to rest in Him.

One way God works within us is by teaching us to rest in Him. Click To Tweet

Have you ever seen eagles fly? They’re known for their graceful soaring and gliding as their wings catch the wind. But did you know that if eagles couldn’t soar, they would crash? Their wings are too heavy for them to flap continually the way some birds do. So eagles flap their wings until they catch an air current, and then they soar.

God has designed each of us to soar on the wind of the Holy Spirit. He says that He will do the work; we only need to be still and rest. He wants us to position ourselves in Him and glide in His power. As we rest in Him, He will transform us into the beautiful reflection of His glory He has created us to be.

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