Standard of God’s Word

Why is it so imperative that you learn to function by biblical authority? A simple exercise will demonstrate your need.

Take a blank sheet of paper and try to draw a straight line down the middle. What will happen? Itwill be crooked. I don’t care how steady your hand is, if you try to draw a straight line on your own there’s going to be a curve in that line somewhere.

But now try drawing a straight line with a ruler. Lay a ruler next to your line and draw another line with it. The difference will be obvious.

You get the idea. When you try to live life on your own, it’s going to be crooked. I don’t care how much you try or how straight you are, your life is going to have lumps and bends in it because the best of us can’t live a straight life on our own.

Too many of us in God’s kingdom are trying to live life on our own, and we keep messing up. But if you’ll let the Word of God be your ruler and draw your life according to its standard, you’ll take care of the bumps.

God’s Word is the only authority that will enable us to draw a straight line in our personal life, in our family life, in the church, and in society. There’s only one King in this kingdom, and He has a ruler called His Word. That’s our standard.

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