Give It All Away

Give It All Away

One of the beautiful bounties and benefits of being a kingdom steward is that the Owner takes ultimate responsibility for His management team. When you insist on acting as an owner rather than as a manager, you will have to take responsibility for the outcomes yourself. Self-ownership creates a major problem in our culture because it places these so-called owners at the mercy of their own control.

How to Maximize Your Eternal Rewards

Not long ago, a friend of mine told me he bought a new home. Now I obviously didn’t tell him this, but the truth is that my friend didn’t really own “his” house. That’s because the title to the home he claimed to own was actually in the possession of the bank. And it’s not until he paid off his mortgage that he would actually own the house.

Honor God With Your Finances And Expect A Return

When a farmer plants his rows of crops, he expects them to grow. He expects to receive a reward for his labor. Similarly, God wants you to expect to be blessed. If you will function according to the financial principles that He gives you, He wants you to expect to receive a reward both now and in eternity. There is nothing wrong with expecting God to keep His Word to you when you do what He says. It’s what I like to call holding God hostage to His Word. Proverbs tells us, “The generous man will be prosperous and he who waters ...