Three Types of Givers

Three Types of Givers

There are three types of givers: the flint, the sponge and the honeycomb.

There are three types of givers: the flint, the sponge and the honeycomb.

To get anything out of the flint, you have to hammer it. Then you mostly get chips and sparks.

To get water out of the sponge, you have to squeeze it. The more you squeeze, the more you get.

But the honeycomb is different. It simply overflows with sweetness.

When a person truly understands what God has done for them, you don’t have to pressure them to give, and you don’t need to take ten collections. They understand that He is a great God who is the source of all their security. So, when it comes time to give, they are ready to jump to their feet and applaud because they are thankful that they have the opportunity to give, and they are grateful that they have something to offer.

What is your approach to giving?

What is your approach to giving? Do you need someone to hammer you with guilt or squeeze something out of you? Or are you thankful for the privilege of giving—of using some of your money to invest in God’s work and God’s kingdom? It is especially when your finances are challenging that you get to experience the sweetness of partnering with what God is doing in the work through your giving, as well as the sweet satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of others. Here’s a recent testimony that greatly blessed me:

“Thank you for helping my brother, who is in prison. My brother Hugo just finished taking your Kingdom Man discipleship course, and he is very excited. For over twenty years we have been praying that he would turn his life over to Jesus, and finally he has done so. Many other prisoners are also taking your courses and are getting baptized. You are doing marvelous work! May God bless your ministry.” 

So, as you give, I’d like to ask you to remember your friends at The Urban Alternative and what we are doing to promote God’s kingdom agenda. We are in this work together!

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