Trials Can Lead to Your Destiny by Tony Evans

People’s words impact us every day. They either offer life, or they offer death. Maybe you have been the recipient of someone else’s negative words about you. Perhaps it was a parent, teacher, spouse or coworker. Those words are hurtful, and can frequently damage a person’s view of themselves, and even derail them from God’s destiny for them.

Yet I also know that God’s Word is more powerful than anyone on this planet. And what He has to say about you, and about me, matters the most.

My elementary school teachers didn’t always have a lot of positive things to tell my parents on my report cards. Apparently, I had a lot of areas that I needed to improve in as a child. One of those areas was in speaking. I stuttered frequently growing up and it was something that I needed God’s grace and a lot of work in order to overcome. But even beyond that, one of my teachers wrote on my report card that I did not know how to “express (myself) orally.” My mom saved all of my report cards.

I share this reality because expressing myself orally is my destiny. Teaching and preaching God’s Word is my very purpose in life. What God knew when He formed me in the womb was that He was going to raise me up to proclaim His truth in churches, on the radio, in stadiums and across televisions in America and around the world.

Yet God often will bring us to our destinies through challenges. He asked Moses to be His mouthpiece when Moses said he could not even speak. One of the reasons God does this is so that we know where our strength comes. We give Him all the glory. We depend on Him each and every day.

But another reason is so that He can teach us whose voice really matters. The voice of humanity or His own. People will tell us many things that contradict God’s view and His purposes in our lives. What we need to do is to acknowledge the truth in what they say, if there is any, but then let go of the rest. Let go of the perceived hindrances that often come with challenges because God is able to use each of us in a mighty way for His kingdom.

Friend, God made you on purpose. He gave you your gifts, talents and even your weaknesses. Because He wants you to look to Him for your identity and definition of who you are. Let God use you like He made you. He has a perfect plan for you.

Listen to His words because His words matter most. You are a treasure – a masterpiece. You are His “workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand” so that you would walk in your destiny.

Destiny is one of my favorite topics to preach on. I love this subject so much because I’ve seen firsthand that God can do anything with anyone. He knows no limits. And that is a message I want to take to as many people as can hear it because it is a message of true hope.

I’m excited that you have chosen to pursue your destiny in Jesus Christ. May God grant you favor and insight as you seek Him and His will for your life.

For the King and His kingdom,
Tony Evans

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