Fulfill Your Destiny by Tony Evans

God will often take you from where you are to where He wants you to be at what can be called a divine intersection. This is the time and situation in your life where your gifts, skills, passion, experience and personality merge together into either the revealing of, or carrying out of, your destiny.

What many of us try to do in our lives is rush ahead to the intersection, not realizing the importance of God’s perfect timing. Until your divine intersection comes, God is preparing you for that moment – for the people, tasks and purpose ahead. And He is also preparing your destiny, the people and places involved, for you. This is similar to what He did in Canaan when the Israelites entered the Promised Land. God had already provided for the Israelites because the Canaanites had dug the wells, cultivated the land and built the communities in that land.

Arriving at your intersection in life is a special time when you step into God’s manifest provision in your life. There, you will receive the Spirit’s power to carry out His plan for you. There will be a certain flow about what you do – it will feel natural to you in many ways. In sports, we call it being “in the zone.” As a believer, you enter the “zone” when God orchestrates your intersection – when all things merge. When God connects your gifts, skills, experience, passion and personality into His divine destiny just for you.

Friend, if you learn anything at all from this blog about reaching your destiny – learn this: Don’t go searching for your destiny. Go searching for your God. Because it is in locating God amidst the ordinary things that He may have you doing now that you will watch Him intersect them into the extraordinary purpose and destiny He has for you. In other words, fulfill the duties of your routine responsibilities and attach those routine responsibilities to Him. When you loop God into your routine, the natural becomes the supernatural.

You discover your destiny when the natural merges with the Divine.  What is even better is that you will discover that God can even use the weaknesses, or what you might consider the faults, in your life for His purpose. He merges all things together for good when you love Him and walk in His destiny for you.

May God grant you favor and insight as you seek Him and His will for your life.

For the King and His kingdom,
Tony Evans

The Urban Alternative

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