Power of God’s Word

The Bible holds supreme authority by virtue of its Author, who is the King of creation and thus Ruler over all the earth. The Bible’s authority is inherent in its every word. Scripture is God’s revelation in history. Just as there is no higher authority in an earthly kingdom than a king – there is no higher authority you and I can appeal to than the Word of God in God’s kingdom.

Think On?

Where you set your mind is so important because what you set your mind on will penetrate and dominate your thinking. If you belong to Christ, you may feel like the enemy is always out there trying to chase you down. But when you set your mind on the things of Christ, you can receive God’s word and allow it to act as a two-edged sword in your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to reprogram your mind with the truth of His Word, and then start acting in light of that. Not only will your fears and doubts leave when you come to trust and st...